Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Fairness Break...

Here is a little piece that I like to call “FAIRNESS”.  Hopefully it will bring some guidance and clarity to your week, weekend, and quite possibly, your life.  Situations are hardly ever thought of in this light.
What is fair and are WE perfect?  Well the first answer is not as painfully obvious as the second.  No we are not perfect!  Nobody is perfect.  If we were all perfect, then we essentially would all be the same.  The right amount of affection, the right amount of strength, the right amount of humor, the right amount of emotion and so forth.  What would we have?  A robot society…  Everyone doing and reacting to the same things the exact same way; boring! 
Now what’s fair?  Life isn’t fair…right?  Although there are a few people that know you pretty well, nobody knows you as well as yourself.  So I ask… How many flaws, faults, and irritating habits do YOU have?  When compared side by side, who’s outweighs the others?  Now this is something for you to think about not necessarily discuss in an open forum.  Most people cannot accept or handle constructive criticism.  And How serious are your faults and their faults in comparison?  For example, if one person’s biggest fault is that they snore loudly and the others is the fact that they are untrustworthy, there’s no comparison.  TRUST is one of the foundations of any personal relationship.  If there is no trust, the walls come tumbling down.  In addition, how serious is the complaint? Does it just seem serious today because you are frustrated or is it an unforgivable and absolutely intolerable characteristic? 
On a final note, before you fly off the handle, try to think not only about what the person did and if it is totally intolerable, try to think what you bring to the table that they have to deal with in comparison.  Just because people don’t complain, doesn’t mean that you don’t cause stress or discomfort.  Some people love you for who you are and they absorb all of that negative energy for the better of the relationship. However, that’s not always the case.  YOU should know the type of person that you are dealing with. And absolutely no… WE are NOT perfect!!!