Tuesday, January 29, 2013


     Well physical therapy was good for me.  After having spent the greater part of a month and a half in the hospital, all of my days started blurring together.  I would sleep whenever I could.  Between just being uncomfortable, to being cold, and being stuck with needles at random times throughout the day and night, I didn't have a "normal" schedule.  I am probably going through some changes due to this illness that will last me for the rest of my life.  How scary is that?  But first, I have to get stronger and walk normally again.
     I had a lot of time to think and one of the things that popped in my head was how ma petite ami treated me right before I was hospitalized and how nasty and mean she got with me.  I didn't do anything negative to her.  I wasn't feeling good and she lashed out at me.  Oh well...  She will wind up regretting her mistakes after she realizes what she lost.  And for what???  Someone knocked on my door...
     "Come in," I said loudly.
     "Hello Ricky.  How are you feeling?" the doctor asked.  He was like a Middle Eastern dude or at least he had that kind of look.  He was very short in stature.  I hadn't seen him before.
     "I'm okay; kinda tired though.  I didn't get much sleep," I answered.
     "I'm sorry to hear that.  So how's your breathing?" he asked while checking my vitals.
     "I still have shortness of breath.  Oh yeah, and I still feel that numbness in my legs and feet.  It's more intense in my feet," I explained.
     "Sorry to hear that as well.  The numbness should die down in time.  As far as the shortness of breath, it could last for a year or more.  You had a lot of scarring in your lungs," he replied.
     "That's not good cause I'm usually pretty active," I said.
     "I looked at your blood work and it shows that you need more iron.  I'm prescribing you medication to help you with that and we will monitor your levels daily," he said.
     That knocked the wind out of my sails a little.
     "Okay.  Do you know when my next therapy session is?" I asked.
     "I will check for you right now and have your nurse give you the date," he said.
     "Thank you," I said.
     "No problem.  It's the least I can do just try to get as much rest as you can; I know it's hard in here.  And keep doing what you've been doing.  Have a good day!" he said as he was opening the door.
     I have a mountain to climb all by myself and, even after I get back on my feet, I have more everyday challenges.  But, I am strong and independent...