Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 19

Bunny bunny where art thou...?
All of the day to day stressers have started piling up; from worrying about having a warm meal to eat to being cold enough to shiver under the covers to not knowing if I will walk again to wanting to hold the woman that I love in my arms once and for all.  It has eaten away at me slowly but surely.  I remain as upbeat and as positive as I can.  I wish I could see my baby.  She has been there for me through many difficult situations and, no matter what, we kept it together.  Although I don't care for the turmoil nor the drama, it shows me that THIS is not one dimensional.  This can actually work!  I think she can feel when I really need her or think about her because of past occurrences.  There had been times when she has told me that she had a dream and either I had a similar dream or I called her the next day or something.  It's crazy! Talk about being in tune with someone.  We have never done the deed; however, we have had some really "interesting" video conversations.  Ah hem...  Anyway, I am in the hospital and I don't want to call her and say hey I'm in the hospital.  I'm really really sick and i can't walk.  And, oh yeah, I love you but I gotta go cause a nurse is gonna change my IV out.  That's not how I want it to go down.  Right about then my nurse knocked on the door.  "Hello Ricky! What's up?" she asked.  "Oh nothing much just partying and having a good time," I answered.  "I am here to bring your pills and to give you a shot," she explained.  "When is it gonna stop?  My stomach is sore from therapy and all the needles that y'all stick in me," I said.  "I know but look," she said as she tried to grab some fat on my stomach.  "What?" I asked.  "If you had some meat on you then it wouldn't hurt so bad," she said.  "Hey, I lost quite a bit of weight.  Besides, normally I have a flat stomach because I stay in shape," I responded.  She watched me swallow the 13 pills that I was given and then she gripped a needle, full of blood thinner, in her hand.  She raised it about six inches above my abs and then stuck me with one continuous stroke.  "Ouch!" I yelled.  That never feels good.  "Okay now I will be back after doing my rounds and I will bring you some ice and a sandwich.  Do you need anything else?" my nurse asked.  "Nope and thanks," I said.  When she left the room, my mind wandered and I thought about my bunny.  I had some dirty thoughts and I remembered all of the sexy conversations that we shared.  It really turned me on.  It had been a long time since I had that "feeling" and I thought about doing something about it.  However, there was no privacy.  Should I do it anyway?

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