Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grown and Sexy

     What is grown and sexy to you? Grown and sexy to me is many things.  By definition, grown means being more mature and wiser than the youngins and sexy means to provoke sexual interest.  The older you get, hopefully the more grounded and in tune you are with your own needs, wants, and desires.  In order to have a successful relationship, you must also be in tune with your partner’s needs, wants, and desires.  Selfish goes out the window when relating to your mate.  The reason that people are selfish is to make sure that they get what they want and are taken care of.  Well, if you are in a grown and sexy relationship, then your partner has your best interests in the forefront so all that is unnecessary.  Grown and sexy is….
1.    Knowing past mistakes that were made and having the determination, no matter how it makes you look, not to make the same mistakes.
2.    Being done with all the games and tail chasing that adds more barriers and destroys the relationship from the inside out.
3.    Being able to be supportive and encouraging to that special person in your life at all times.
4.    Having the foresight to identify and recognize potential problems before they happen and doing what you can to prevent them from happening.
5.    The ability to have a monogamous and committed relationship with that one special person.
6.    Having the ability to excite, stimulate, and thrill your mate mentally and in the bedroom not just today but every day.

     Hopefully, the older we get also means the wiser we get.  In order to be grown and sexy you must first be ready to be happy and want a better social environment.  You must recognize not only the pitfalls but what cause them to occur and be able to prevent them from happening.  If there is something small you can do to prevent something major from happening then do it for the greater good.  Knowing your partners needs, wants, and desires should help you be more likely to provide the support necessary to maintain peace and happiness.  Keep it grown and sexy!

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