Friday, February 17, 2012


     What does special mean and when should you use the word when relating to another person?  Special, by definition, means distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual.  A lot of people throw that word around because they think it’s cute or it’s a popular thing to say or because they can’t define what they feel.  Someone is special to you when you hold them in the highest regard.  Someone is special to you when, even if you are having a bad day or feeling bad, you can relate to them just the same as you would if you were having a good day or feeling good.  Someone is special when you TRULY love them and are willing to accept all of their love with no complaints.  You should NEVER complain or reject love or affection from someone “special”, if in fact, you actually care about them.  Never make anything negative about affection, love or attention that you receive from them.  I would be arrogant to think my special someone’s time isn’t important.  I am honored and humbled by those in my life that actually take time out to spend with me.  It’s truly a blessing.  Let’s face it we all have busy lives.        
     One of the most important tell-tale signs is how do you treat them when you are feeling bad?  You should want to talk to or be with them every chance that you get; if in fact, they are special.  Please don’t get me wrong… By every chance you get, I don’t mean ALL of your time!  I mean when the stars align and both of you have time to spend.  For me, all I want is to be loved by someone “special” that treats me with the same respect and courtesy that I treat them with; no complaints or excuses.  I want someone that WANTS to spend time with me whether it’s going somewhere or a simple phone call.  Someone that not only says they love me but is willing to show it; again with no complaints or excuses, because they enjoy it.  Now I ask you, how many people do you call “special” and, of those people, how many are actually special to you?

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