Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chapter 6

Keeping a positive attitude was a lot easier than I thought.  When I have a problem, I look at it like it's out of my control so I better make the most of it.  Freaking out will only delay me from finding a positive solution.  I take pride in my always cool under pressure persona.  Even under such pressure and stress, I have maintained my composure and a certain aloofness.  I was so proud of myself!  Can I maintain this positive outlook and attitude?  Now if I could only make my body catch up to my spirit...  "Hello Ricky, how are you feeling today sir?" the doctor asked.  "I am feeling alright but there is a tingling sensation in my feet.  Almost like a numbing sort of feeling," I stated.  "Hmm is that so?  After studying your blood work results, I believe that this is due to the fact that the zinc levels in your blood are high. This is in part due to the medication prescribed," doctor Stevens explained.  "So it's a side effect of the pills?" I asked.  He pulled the covers off of my feet and lower legs and before he could say the words...  "Ouch!" I yelled.  "Did you feel that?  Yeah, I guess so.  You definitely have feeling in your legs and I could feel a pulse in your feet so that's a very good sign," the doctor insisted.  "That was a little painful doc," I said.  "I will  monitor this just to be safe.  I want you to try and cough up some phlegm for me so we can send it to the lab.  This is gonna tell us which pill you should take and confirm that you have TB.  Do you cough at all?" doctor Stevens asked.  "No sir, I haven't really coughed this whole time and, when I do, nothing comes up," I told him.  "We might have to perform a procedure called a bronchoscope where the doctor will go into your lungs with a tube and take a tissue sample for testing.  But, let's see if you can cough something up first," he said.  "Okay I will try my best," I said.  "Good.  I will come by tomorrow and check up on you Ricky.  Eat everything that comes your way and try to get as much sleep as you can," he said.  He left the room and I could see him talking to my nurse through the window.  A lot of different things were racing through my mind.  Above all else, I had to get better and get out of this bed.  Nurse Paula walked in all bright-eyed and smiling.  "Hey hun, I think they are gonna move you out of here today," she said.  "Oh yeah? Where am I going?" I asked.  "They are moving you upstairs to a regular room.  You still will be isolated but you won't be under as much scrutiny'" she added.  Alright I just got used to the nurses in the ICU and now I will have a totally different team helping me.  It's a good thing that I am progressing but...  At that moment, there was a knock at the door.  "Ricky you have a visitor," nurse Lisa said.

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  1. Hey Ricky good to hear from you. Hope all is well, especially after reading these chapters. Well written it brings back some memories I think I have pushed back way back lol Looking forward to reading more!!