Thursday, August 4, 2011

More of Chapter 6

Knock knock knock...
"Come in please," I said. The door opened.  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two light browns.  What a sight for sore eyes? You have to understand where I am coming from at this moment.  This is a person that was like a little brother to me.  This is a person that swore to never grace this city with his presence again.  This was one of my very special nephews.  "Hello Ricky, I hear that you are kinda sick," J said.  "I don't believe it! I don't fuckin believe it!" I said.  "I know. When I found out about you, something told me that I should be here so here I am," J added.  "Thank you so much man.  This really means a lot to me," I explained.  We went on reminiscing and laughing.  Some of the funniest moments in my life happened with this guy.  I met him when he was about 5; an awkward yet very smart little kid.  I'd like to think that because of the time that he spent with me, he became more athletic and confident.  He was now a man of whom I was very proud.  "Remember the time that you and your mom were dropping me off after I spent the summer with you?  We still had some fireworks from the 4th of July and we decided to take them to the movies.  We got the bright idea to light one and I was gonna drop it and kick it under the seats," I added.  As we both broke out into laughter... "Yeah who would have thought that when you kicked it, it would have hit the back of someones feet in front of you?" J asked.  "POP...was all i heard.  It seemed like the movie stopped.  Everything was quiet except a baby was crying," I said.  There were four people back where a witness said they saw it come from and of course, when we were ushered out, we looked guilty as heck.  The other two people got to enjoy the rest of the movie and our parents were called.  The theater manager actually said that we were banned for LIFE.  COOL!  The laughing continued.  "Man we had some good times," I reflected.  We clowned and laughed for several more hours.  "J I just want to tell you that I always thought of you as a little brother," I spoke.  We both tried in vain to hold back the tears but we couldn't.  J said while a single tear crawled down his face , " You are gonna make it through Ricky.  I gotta go but I will be back again before I leave town."  "Thank you man!  I love you," I said.  As he walked out of the door, he turned and mouthed the words I love you too.

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