Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapter 9

Yum Yum Gimme Sum...
Now back to the subject of hospital food...  I have always been an eater, but managed to stay lean.  I have been a good athlete all my life so I guess I started off right.  Needless to say, I enjoy a hearty meal.  I like healthy portions cause I have no caloric consequences whatsoever.  After dreading to see what the hospital had to eat, the day came when I would find out firsthand.  "Hey Ricky! Wake up; they dropped off your breakfast," the nurse said while tapping on my leg.  "Huh? Okay give me a second," I grumbled.  That's one more of those instances where, as soon as I am getting good sleep, someone wakes me up.  "I must have passed out after the lab technician woke me up at 3 am," I stated.  Now because I was isolated, the person who brought my food up, would leave it outside of my room door.  Everybody else would don a mask and come in , but the cafeteria people were too good.  This sucked for two reasons.  First, I couldn't walk so I definitely couldn't open the door and get my food. Secondly, I had to hope a nurse came by to bring it in before it got cold.  This is for every meal, everyday.  I raised up the back of my bed so I was sitting upright.  The nurse pushed my food in front of me so I could reach the tray.  I took the cover off of the plate.  "Thank you and could you please bring me some ice," I asked.  "Of course sweetie.  I will be right back after I do my rounds with your pills and some ice," she said.  "Okay," I said.  "Enjoy your breakfast," she said as she left the room.  Let's see what we have here: scrambled eggs, bacon strips, grits, cereal with milk, and a cinnamon biscuit.  Not bad; it looks good, but I could use some more eggs and grits.  I inhaled all of that and wanted more.  It was a good sign that I didn't lose my appetite.  The cinnamon biscuit was really yummy.  Alright breakfast gets my seal of approval, but bigger portions would be nice.  I wonder what lunch is gonna be like?  I started flipping through the channels on tv and it was the same ole crap.  My feet were jammed up against the foot board of the bed.  You gotta be kidding me!  They have got to have beds for us six footers.  It looked like they gave me a kiddie bed.  What am I gonna do with my time?  I don't have my Ipod nor my lappy.  As soon as I was thinking that, a chilling cold air settled in the room.  Time to wrap up and shiver.  What the heck is up with the thermostat?

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